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We strongly believe that your staff is your greatest asset, that represents the productivity, performance and output of your business. Their wellbeing and happiness is our priority. A major attraction within our zones is the provision of high quality accommodation with access to a host of amenities, built as per international specifications compliant with industry standards.

Services provided at WRC

In addition to providing accommodation in various categories, careful thought has gone into enduring the comfort and welfare of residents, with regards to their everyday basic needs. Implementation of the operational framework issued by ZonesCorp, to ensure compliance with the level of services is mandated at all of our residential cities.

Security: guards, CCTV, Access Control

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Groceries and markets

Waste management

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Fire detection & Firefighting

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The operating standards

The operational system for worker’s cities is a distinct system, developed for self-regulation & measurement and implemented on the operation framework issued by ZonesCorp. The audit and inspection procedures are considered mandatory measures to ensure compliance with the level of services


Our environmentally-friendly approach helps minimize both time and money spent on commuting. Housing units are located in close proximity to workplaces within our zones. 

Worker Residential Cities are based in:

AL Mafraq
Al Ain
Al Dhafrah


undefinedCities within ZonesCorp Land

undefinedCities outside ZonesCorp Land

Future Investment Opportunities




Al Ain

Al Dhafrah

ZonesCorp provides investment opportunities in commercial, residential and retail developments at prime locations for private sector, developers and specialized companies, while ensuring the provision of high quality living services, maintained at professional standards within the sector.

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